Heather (eternal_clocks) wrote in mas_at_lj,

Fall 2011 Submission Guidelines

These rules are current as of Summer 2011. Any changes will be amended as is seen fit.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Series unlicensed in the US must be entirely available in fansub form by the time you submit them.
2. Series licensed in the US must be entirely available on DVD by the time you submit them

In either case, if you submit a show, you must own or have available all the episodes in case it gets voted in. There's no guarantee that someone else will have them or be willing to buy them for you.

3. Preshowings should be in the 11-14 episodes range, or should end well at that point.
4. Mainshowings should be in the 22-26 episodes range, or should end well at that point.

If we vote to show a longer series that has a decent cut off point, there is no guarantee that we'll watch the rest of it the following semester. The second half needs to be voted in just like anything else. Any weird episode lengths or special circumstances can be discussed with the admin.

5. If a series has been shown in the past three years, it is not eligible. If it is older than that, it may be resubmitted. See this page if you're not sure how long ago MAS may have viewed a show.

6. Outright hentai is not allowed. Use your best judgment as to whether you think a show would be appropriate to watch in a large, semi-public group or not. If you're not sure, contact the admin and they will discuss it with you and/or review it for appropriateness.

7. Be sure to describe your submisson well! The more detailed you are, the more voters can make an informed decision. Links to reviews and clips are always welcome. Remember that you need to use html tags to format paragraphs, though. You can find info on how to do that here (refer to the table about "text formatting tags").

Voting Guidelines

1. Voting occurs after submissions are closed and usually happens for about a week. In a normal semester, voters will be allowed to vote on 1 preshowing-length series and 3 main showings. However, if there are a disproportionately large number of preshowing submissions, or multiple preshowings are known beforehand to be popular, the admin may use their discrection to open up a power-hour option.

2. The "power-hour" is a block consisting of two preshowing-length series, in addition to the 6:30-7:00 preshowing. If the option is available, the voters can check a "power-hour" box on votaku, and then select 3 preshowing-length shows and 2 main showings. This option is available on a semester-by-semester basis.

3. After voters enter their email address in Votaku and make their selections and submit, they'll be sent an email to the address that they provided (which needs to match the email address they put on their membership form!). In order for the votes to count, THE LINK IN THE EMAIL MUST BE CLICKED. Someone seems to miss this every time, but it's very important. Just remember to check your spam filter if you don't seem to be getting your Votaku emails.

4. You can alter your votes as many times as you want before voting is closed, but you must remember to click the link in your email or the vote count will not be updated.
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